Unhealthy Betrayal

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Healthcare is Failing Us


Unhealthy Betrayal, explores why it is we are experiencing a crisis in healthcare and a collapse of health in our society. We suggest that it is fundamentally important for all concerned citizens to arm themselves with the knowledge of how to best protect their own health and that of their children.

Unhealthy Betrayal reveals the way the corporate domination of our supposed democratic institutions sets the agenda and manipulates the very institutions that we believe are set up to protect us and the health of our children and future generations.

What are the Factors that Truly affect Our Health?

Unhealthy Betrayal, examines a number of ways that our health is affected by political and corporate interests.

We examine, for example, the way that the health system was set up in the USA, by Andrew Carnegie and David Rockefeller, and how they used their immense wealth and their clever use of foundations to create the first major learning institutions, institutions that would dance to their tune. It reveals how Rockefeller effectively took over the University of Chicago, and created the Institute for Medical Research in 1901. It reveals how, via their, Agent Abraham Flexner, they used their wealth to set up the medical teaching schools with the American Medical Association and set the agenda for medical education, to be reliant on drug therapy, surgery, and radiation treatments.

This model was going to have dramatic repercussions for our health as we are experiencing today.

Gradually this model developed and assumed prominence in other countries. The pharmaceutical industry was able to flourish under these prevailing conditions and grow into the massive industry that it now is—supported by the development and influence of such organisations as the American Medical Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Visit and Explore

Unhealthy Betrayal, whilst it is a fairly comprehensive volume,  you can dip into it at your leisure. You can simply choose the topic in the contents that interests you and discover how you may be better able to protect your health and understand why it is we are all being deceived by the people we thought we could trust.

You will find that the general picture that emerges from your explorations of the topics discussed, is how corporate interests have vastly enriched themselves at our expense—at the expense of our health and that of our children—and further at the expense of future generations.

Time for Change


We believe that it is crucial that corporations are brought to heal, and are forced to act responsibly, instead of dumping poisons into the atmosphere, water and food supplies, leaving taxpayers to deal with the environmental and health consequences—whilst they can use their excessive profits to fund and bribe the very fabric of our governing bodies, politicians and institutions—to maximise their profits and their future profits.

The costs to our health and the environment is immense, not simply in financial terms—but in pain and suffering, as many will testify, who have had to live with chronic disease, cancer and other health consequences of the chemical onslaught against us.

Unhealthy Betrayal suggests we face a simple choice—introduce some fundamental changes or watch over the further collapse of health and the demise of humanity.

We believe that humanity is destined for better things, and that we have the creative potential to create a better world and a more sustainable future for ourselves, our children and future generations. But we need to get better educated, join together and act collectively and we need to act now. We need to make our wishes known and demand more from our politicians.

This book argues that it is TIME FOR CHANGE. We offer a number of solutions to the problems we discuss. This book is written both to promote awareness of the issues raised, provoke dialogue, and hopefully lead to action.

There are many great minds that believe our current global-industrial-economic system is seriously dysfunctional, and destructive, aside from being now more obviously unsustainable. We proffer a number of solutions suggested by people from all walks of life, including scholars and scientists.

Whilst Unhealthy Betrayal, by its very nature, reveals the dysfunctional nature of our current health and food systems—it is above all a call for a more creative and sustainable future for humanity, that actually involves you as a citizen and suggests that together we have the power to create a healthier and more sustainable future for us all.

Andrew Burgoyne

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