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Welcome to my new website. Hopefully this new arrangement will enable me to have a little more versatility with how I can communicate with you all.

Unfortunately, one of the results of this new site means that all the attention that my site has had is consequentially lost, the articles will no longer show the hits they had or the comments that were made.

I have to put this against the ease and better flexibility with which I can now add material to the site.

I have to confess, that the research on my first two books, the ones currently portrayed on this site, took so much of my time that I seriously neglected the site previously. Hopefully, now they are actually both available, I will be able to keep more on top and keep the information current and up to date.

It is worth drawing your attention to a number of points regarding to these two volumes:

Unhealthy Betrayal—How the Manipulation of Science and Politics by Corporate Interests Destroys Health and Threatens the Future of Humanity

And the second Volume:

Hijacked—How the Banking Industry, Finance, and Corporate Interests, Have Hijacked Our Economy and Corrupted Democracy

At first glance these books may seem to be about two different areas of study. If you click on their titles below you with get a short synopsis of each volume. They are however, in my view, fundamentally connected. However for clarity’s sake I have re-located all the information on the financial  and monetary aspects on a separate site that can be found at : for those of you more interested in this area of study. Please check it out, and let me know your whether you find this helpful.

It is this connection I have reduced the articles on this  site, and simplified the links page and reduced the videos section to more directly health-orientated subjects, which I hope helps you navigate many of the important health issues that I believe we face.

Personally I see the whole world as ONE, and these subjects are directly linked:

Everything we do to the world at large we do to ourselves

This is not just a quaint spiritual truth, it is, in my view, a fundamental truth.

It is not accidental that this site is called Fundamental Health.

Let me illustrate this truth with the following: In Unhealthy Betrayal, I report on a number of scientific studies that discuss the chemical body burden that we all carry. This is a cocktail of man-made chemicals that have invaded our biological systems. These chemicals are so pervasive, that it is impossible to avoid them—as I said as we do unto others—we do to ourselves…

Let me give one example. Science now has the capacity to measure these chemicals in our bodies, some of them are so toxic they are measured in parts per million, some are even more toxic and they are measured in parts per billion, some of the most toxic chemicals are measured in parts per trillion. For our example I am offering you Dioxin, so toxic it is measured in parts per trillion.

And this insidious chemical that I report on is to be found in the breast milk of every woman on this earth—no matter where you live, no matter in what corner of the globe you reside. Not just is it in the breast milk fed to every baby on this earth, it is in such levels, that if you were a manufacturing plant you would be prosecuted for delivering levels of pollution that far exceed the permissible levels of toxicity for an adult—and this is what we are feeding to our babies!

I am not bringing this information to your attention to discourage women from breast-feeding, far from it, this is to be encouraged—no I bring this to your attention because I want your help. I want to fire up the women on this earth to join me on a mission to change this world. It is no accident that I have chosen a mother and a baby for the cover, and called the book Unhealthy Betrayal.

Would you be interested to know which population has the highest levels of dioxin in their breastmilk?

The eskimos—that’s correct—a population that could be said to live in one of the most pristine environments on this earth.

Are you interested in the source of this pollution?

Most of it stems from the organophosphate herbicides and pesticides sprayed on our crops in the warmer countries. Much of it simply evaporates into the atmosphere where it travels in the airstream until it reaches the colder climates such as the north-pole where it condenses out into the sea. There it is absorbed by the phytoplankton, the zooplankton, the small fish, and then the bigger fish. By the time it reaches porpoises it has concentrated 3000 percent. When the eskimos eat the flesh of these creatures, and the seals they capture, they absorb whatever toxins that have been concentrated into the flesh.


The sad truth is the human chemical body burden is such that there are an un-known number of chemicals in our systems, numbers at best guesses in the hundreds. So little research is done on this vital subject, that there is not one person on this earth can say with any authority what effect these chemicals have on our bodies, or what combined synergistic effect they have on us.


It is, of course not just women that I seek to influence here, this issue, as I have said—affects us all

“Why is it that this important information is not freely available, and openly discussed?”

This is a question that I sense you may be asking, as you read this. In Unhealthy Betrayal, this issue is discussed, as is the way, organisations such as the US Food and Drug Administration have been taken over by corporate interests—such as Monsanto—some of the very organisations that are the main polluters. I also raise the point that corporate interests are well-served by universities who accept funding from them and therefore tailor their work to suit their paymasters.

The effect of this on our health is reviewed in the same book of course. But this brings me to my next point. How do we overcome this problem? How do we get our universities and our greatest minds to actually come to humanity’s aid and actually help to create a better world for all of us—not simply corporate interests?

That is an interesting question.

This brings us to the question of funding. We need to fund universities so well that they no longer need to seek corporate funding. They would be then free to pursue research independent from corporate influence, and work for us—the people.

Now your next question might be—well great idea—but where is the money coming from?

Which brings me neatly to the connection—one of the many—to my second book, Hijacked—How the Banking Industry, Finance, and Corporate Interests, Have Hijacked Our Economy and Corrupted Democracy.

As I said, everything is connected. I argue that the financial system is as great a threat to your health as the pollution.

Take this question of funding our universities—not just our universities—but funding the services that we require to build safe and healthy communities.

This brings us neatly to one of the two main points of Hijacked that is how we fund services. I bring up the teachings of Henry George, who advocated replacing all taxes with a simple land tax. His teachings gained great acceptance and took on such a power that demands for the introduction of a land tax became unstoppable as this book Progress and Poverty, became a best-seller and widely read in numerous countries.

In the United Kingdom, it actually created a constitutional crisis in 1909, because the House of Lords, refused to let the passage of a Bill that was to start the process of the introduction of the Land tax. The House of Lords, at that time was representing the landed interests of the Aristocracy, and were not disposed to allow mere democracy to interfere with their control of land or taxation policy. It was only the convenient introduction of the First World War that curtailed the momentum for land reform in the UK.

I do not propose to enter into a discussion of Henry George, here in this paper. There is much more about the topic for those who are interested. You can of course Google his name and get many sources. One of the sources is the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation at

In Hyjacked, I argue that to bring Henry George’s message into 21st Century, we need to encompass the greater idea of this tax, as promulgated by great men such as Professor Mason Gaffney, and Professor Ted Gwartney, that of a system that includes, the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the airwaves, and even space. In my view we are talking about what I refer to as an Earth Resource tax. Following discussions with Professor Gwartney, he feels sympathy for re-naming this tax, he doesn’t even like the word ‘tax’ as it has too many negative associations in the minds of people, and he suggests calling it the Earth Resource Fee. So in deference to his greater knowledge and wisdom, I will now argue for it to be referred to as this.

The point I am trying to make is that there is a way to fund everything we need. The knowledge is already available, the work has already been done. Both the above professors happen to live in California. Which introduces the great tragedy of California—the fourth largest economy in the world, and it is sinking into a mire of debt—all because the population were led to believe that proposition 13 that would reduce their property taxes, would leave them better off. They did not understand that there is a major difference between a land tax and a property tax. One taxes land as part of the earth’s natural resource, that is available to build on, the other is a tax on the buildings, which imposes larger costs and will deter investment and building—two completely different beasts.

I don’t wish to divert into the Earth Resource Fee/land tax debate here, that discussion deserves an article or book of its own. I diverged briefly because, I find it hard to mention these two great men in one breath, without bringing up the tragedy of California, that has such an abundance of resources—including the very men who could have enabled California to grow fruitful and prosper–simply by understanding how the land tax would have have benefitted them. They were the very men for the job.

If there are any Georgist sympathisers reading this, or other people who would question whether adopting the Earth Resource Fee/Land tax system would result in universal benefit, I would have to add a comment here. Firstly, it would always be a real benefit. According to Ted Gwartney, it could still replace all other taxes, and even produce a surplus that could be paid to the populace.

Sound too good to be true? It is the truth, that is why I wish to bring this to your attention here, and also in my book Hijacked.

My comment to those who think this would be a panacea, I would have to bring up the elephant in the room—that of the larger economy. Is our economy fit-for-purpose? In Hyjacked, I argue it is not and show you why, how it was founded on a false premise, and how it is, in my view, another disaster waiting to happen. It would be like trying to put the exquisite touches to the icing on a cake, whilst the pedestal supporting the cake is crumbling to dust.

Both subjects, in my view, require that you get a little better acquainted—both the Earth Resource Fee/Land tax, and a banking system that is allowed to create money out of nothing, and charge interest for creating this ‘nothing’, effectively leaving our governments with unpayable debts, and massive interest payments—that simply make the super-rich even richer.

In Hyjacked, I argue that reform is way overdue, and I beg your indulgence to permit yourself to become better acquainted with this vital subject. It is truly up to us to change this world, politicians are never going to change this world until we get better informed and demand real reform.

Well my final point here is, we have come full circle, we are able to ask the question what has the greater effect on our health?  We posed the question about funding research on the health issues we are facing, and being able to fund it. We discussed how one of the solutions is to revert to a land tax system that would supply all the services that we would need. I hope you can see how these two books are linked and how the health of all of us is affected.

Future articles will support the view how everything we do affects us all.

We are all one family, we are all children of God, we are all ONE.

Andrew A D Burgoyne

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