Covid-19 and a Rapidly Changing Environment

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Breaking and Hiding News

Our world is rapidly changing, the Covid-19 outbreak and the many responses orchestrated by the various authorities to this epidemic are having a huge impact on our lives.

Many people are seriously concerned by the economic implications with having most economies in various degrees of shut-down. More than 4.4 million Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits in the fifth week since nationwide lockdowns began, taking the cumulative total to a record 26 million people making claims.[1]

World Shutdown

People are starting to question whether the massive shutdown and its consequences are not creating a far bigger problem than the actual virus has.

Two Californian doctors who run a chain of Accelerated Urgent Care facilities have concluded after conducting more than 5,000 coronavirus tests, that Covid-19 is no more dangerous than the normal seasonal flu. They also believe that the quarantines in force are now being counter-productive.

Dr Dan Erickson says, ‘Over the last few months we have gained lots of data…The initial models were woefully inadequate, they predicted millions of cases of deaths, not of prevalence or incidence but deaths. That is not materialising. What is materialising in the state of California is 12% positive.

Well, we have 39.5 million people. If we extrapolate out, that equates to about 4.7 million cases throughout the state of California, which means this thing is widespread. That’s the good news. We’ve 1,227 deaths, with a possible incidence or prevalence of 4.7 million, which gives a 0.03 % chance of dying from Covid-19 in the state of California.

A 0.03 % chance of dying from Covid-19 in the state of California, does that necessitate sheltering in place? Does that necessitate shutting down medical systems, does that necessitate people being out of work?’

Dr Erickson and his associate, Dr Artin Massihi, with between them more than 40 years of experience with microbiology and immunology, have been in communication with numerous ER physicians around the country, and have not found that the predictions for the massive death rates have materialised. In California the volume of patients have simply not materialised, they are furloughing doctors and getting rid of nurses and are working their hospitals at minimal capacity. Click the picture for the full video that was taken down by Utube.

Alarming Secondary Effects

They are concerned about all the secondary effects that they are seeing, such as an increase in child molestation, which they say is increasing at a severe rate. They are seeing multiple cases of children who have been molested due to angry family members who are intoxicated, who are at home, who have no paycheck. They see people coming in with black eyes on their faces that they feel are obvious forms of abuse. They are also seeing a rise in depression, anxiety and suicide.

‘These are all real things we are seeing every day. I don’t read about this stuff, I am seeing it in my clinics. We have clinics from Fresno to San Diego. These things are spiking in our community. These things will affect us for a lifetime, not for a season, so let’s make sure we are clear on that.’

Dr Erickson also brings up an increasingly talked about issue, that of the pressure to make sure that Covid is added to the death certificates:

‘What’s interesting to me is when someone dies, in the country right now, they are not talking about the diabetes, the high blood pressure, the stroke, they are saying did they die of Covid? We’ve been to hundreds of autopsies. You don’t talk about one thing. You talk about co-morbidities. Their vessels were narrowed, their lungs were a smoker’s, Covid was part of it, it was not the reason they died folks. It is one of many reasons. It is so simplistic to say they died of Covid. Do you know how many people died of pneumonia? Or people who die from flu, or with flu I should say, it’s not from flu. Their lungs were compromised by COPD [Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], they had a heart attack two years ago, they had a weakened body. We aren’t pressured to test for flu, but ER doctors now, my friends that I talk to, say, “When I fill out my death report I am being pressured to add Covid.” Why is that? Is it to maybe increase to numbers to make it look a little bit worse than it is? I think so.’

Dr Artin Massihi believes that isolating healthy people is counterproductive at this stage:

‘Twenty-five percent of Covid patients are asymptomatic, which is why we advocate for widespread testing. In order to open the economy, you need widespread testing. That’s number one, there’s no question about it. But historically, if you look at biblical times, if you look at leprosy, Mycobacterium leprae, which is the bacterium that causes it, they isolated the sick, they didn’t isolate everyone else. Isolating the healthy just doesn’t make sense in our opinion.’

They believe that isolating people weakens their immune systems, and predict that it will create problems when the isolation is terminated, especially if hospitals have staff laid off at this time. Their whole interview can be found here.

In the UK, the authorities were told to expect a massive wave of coronavirus patients that would likely overwhelm the NHS. To deal with this eventuality they constructed emergency temporary facilities around the country. Currently, they are mostly empty, with one facility expecting to not even open its doors. One of the Nightingale facilities, as they are called, based in Harrogate which has 36 beds but has capacity for 750, has started receiving patients. However, it may not be needed after all. According to Manchester’s deputy mayor, Richard Leese, hospital admissions for coronavirus in the region has been falling since Easter.[2]

To date, (April 25th, 2020) deaths in the USA attributed to Covid-19 are 52,459.

According to the CDC, deaths attributed to the flu in the USA (from 2012 – 2018/2019) vary from 23,000 to 61,000 and normally run from October to May. The CDC estimates the number of Flu deaths for 2018/2019 at between 24,000 and 62,000.

No doubt if the final figure comes in low, there will be those who will wonder whether some of the deaths given as Covid-19 may have actually been due to flu, particularly as not all patients are tested. Although, as Doctor Erickson mentions, people die with flu, not because of flu. As with any virus attack, death is normally due to underlying morbidity, due to compromised immune function, a weak heart following previous heart attacks, by COPD, pneumonia, or sepsis.

Unprecedented Bailouts for Banks

As regards to shutting down the economy and allowing the massive bailouts as has occurred with eye-watering packages rolled out by the Federal Reserve (Fed). In total, the Fed has reputedly shovelled out $29 trillion through all its programs to bail out Wall Street banks and counterparties. Figures on this kind of level will mean passing on debts to future generations. Who has the right to do this? This is a fundamentally sick system, based on an economic system in its final stages of collapse, where the levels of debt that have been accumulated are stagnating the economy at large. It is the semi-feudal neoliberal casino economy perpetrated by a banking system that creates money out of nothing that is having one last fling which is effectively a final mass-pillage. All of this is undertaken whilst we are shut up behind closed doors. Debt levels are so high that the UN has called for the creation of an international agency to oversee sovereign debt relief programmes for developing countries. It is suggested that developing countries are facing ‘unsustainable debt repayments of $2.6 trillion this year and 3.4 trillion in 2021.[3]

People may question whether the enforced isolation and shutdown of the economy with its consequential massive bailouts, particularly for the banking system, are in any way justified.

Some may point out that heart disease claims the lives about 647,000 Americans each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease costs the United States about $219 billion each year from 2014 to 2015. This includes the cost of health care services, medicines, and lost productivity due to death. But this has not shut down the economy.

Deaths due to cancer in 2020 are estimated to be approximately 606,520. This, however, does not shut down an economy. But, neither of these health disasters are transmissible.

The excuse for the shutdowns rests on the hypothesis that the measures imposed will prevent the epidemic from causing massive numbers of deaths. The previous three articles have tried to show that this whole hypothesis is based on the serious denial of already tried and tested treatments (that happen to include high-dose vitamin C as part of the protocol for treatment) that have been shown to prevent serious levels of mortality. We have already shown that the success rate was extremely high, with some doctors experiencing NO DEATHS following their treatment protocol.

I cannot recommend watching the video accompanying this protocol enough. This needs to be passed on to healthcare practitioners.

This is a sick healthcare system caught up in in the orchestrations of very powerful interests. This is becoming less of a war against a virus and more an information war that we are losing. It is exposing a censorship system par excellence, with across the board censorship with the main casualty being the truth.

Most of the theories that abound on the internet as for the situation we are experiencing seems to revolve around the issue of introducing more vaccines and making them compulsory. Those, however, involved in the world of finance say the massive bailouts are, by far, the more important issues. This story is set to run, and no doubt there will be much conjecture about the true nature of this outbreak.

Novel Vaccines in the Pipeline

As regards to the vaccine questions raised. We know that there are approximately new 300 vaccines being developed which include the following:

  • 124 for infectious diseases
  • 105 for cancers
  • 13 for allergies
  • 8 for neurological disorders
  • 7 for miscellaneous conditions

This does not include the current scramble to create a vaccine against covid-19.

Whilst we have been self-isolating, locked up in our homes, aside from the rolling out of massive bailouts, governments have introduced legislation, under the auspices of ‘health protection.’

In the UK legislation came into force on 27th April, updating the Control of Disease Act 1984, bringing in new powers regarding vaccinations and Covid-19 medical treatment. Irrespective of your own personal beliefs and wishes, the Government has introduced the power to force medication on you. They are now able to arrest and detain in you indefinitely in a hospital or centre. They can take and destroy your personal things and destroy your building (whether it is your home or business). You no longer have the right of informed consent you no longer have the right to prosecute or take any legal action against any authority and much more… Listen to Zed Phoenix’s take on this.

In an update to this section about the new powers, and the incredulity from people who found this preposterous, Jonathon Sumption, retired Supreme Court Justice suggested that Covid measures will be seen as ‘monument of collective hysteria and folly’  The Guardian reported on his address delivering the Cambridge Freshfields annual law lecture, they wrote,

Lord Jonathon Sumption, Retired Supreme Court Justice

‘In his most forceful critique to date of the government’s handling of the pandemic, the outspoken lawyer condemned the way “the British state exercised coercive powers over its citizens on a scale never previously attempted”.


The government’s behaviour, Sumption told his audience, was characterised by “a cavalier disregard for the limits of their legal powers”, and further that the emergency measures were “the most significant interference with personal freedom in the history of our country.”

Following the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the novel coronavirus outbreak in China posed a “public health emergency of international concern,” press releases by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and WHO informed the world that experimental vaccines were already in development and would be put on a “fast track” to licensure for global use. WHO released its COVID-19 Roadmap endorsed by “400 experts” and included funding from the European Commission (37 million euros), the German government (10 million euros) and the UK government (46 million euros). The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness had already committed $100 million to speed up licensure of Covid-19 vaccines and was in the process of raising a further $2 billion to speed vaccines to market.[4]

One vaccine company, Moderna, has bypassed the animal trials which was previously considered an important part of the vaccine licensing process, and is conducting human trials on its experimental mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine. This is one of the new Messenger RNA vaccines that inject human cells with mRNA, usually with lipid nanoparticles to stimulate the body into becoming a manufacturer of viral proteins. Neither DNA nor mRNA vaccines have been tested in large scale clinical trials. An April 3 article in Chemical and Engineering News highlighted the breakneck speed at which Covid-19 vaccines “are moving new technologies from the computer and into the clinic at an unprecedented rate.” This development is leading to even bigger profits in the exploding vaccine market that has doubled over the past decade from $20 billion in 2010 to $42 billion in 2018. It is predicted to double again by 2026 to over $93 billion. LINK

Some might be concerned about the idea that we could be forced to be vaccinated with a product that may have unknown consequences on our health and that of our children.

Keeping people ignorant about how the immune system really works, how it can be strengthened and supported by our own actions is important to a business that cares little for our health and only cares about its bottom line. Those that think this is a cynical view of the industry are correct and may have to wait for the publication of my next volume How to Prevent Premature Death or Worse and How to Survive in the 21st Century to fully understand why this is so.

It is hard not to be cynical when you witness the unfolding of this tragedy, where known treatments are hidden, and effectively sidelined, that are shown to save lives.

Part of this story can be found in some of the previous articles on this site.





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